Coach Polack wasn't pleased with the outcome of the Olympics match.

Still in the woods...

Jerome Otchere

Posted on: Wed Jun 21, 2017

Although I was quite confident that, Kotoko would beat Great Olympics in Sunday’s fixture, I was under no illusion that, the Wonder Club will be tough customers, especially when they have been on some form of revival. Before the game, I prayed for a win but I struggled to get exact the mental picture of how victory will come. 

It therefore came as a little disappointing but not so surprising that, we eventually drew 1-1. I’m developing the temperament not to get depressed when the Porcupines don’t win these days. This is because, no matter how we want to rate ourselves, my view is that, we don’t yet have that finishing power in attack to hand teams defeats in the manner we want to see it. 

It’s no deception to accept that, we are yet to come out of the woods and that, it will take a little more time to do that. Developments in the Olympics match were interesting. Like we’ve said in the past, squandering chances is one thing that ought to be dealt with as time goes on. 

We must have confidence in Coach Steven Polack to fix that problem and practically every other technical or tactical difficulty our team has. I don’t expect the coach to quickly solve all problems but I’m hopeful that, as he works at Adako Jachie every day, Steven Polack will find the missing jigsaw, for which reason, we are able to create good scoring opportunities but are woefully unable to score. 

Football can be about everything and anything we can think of. It can just be anything. However, once a team is unable to score to win matches, that team leaves its supporters worried. That worry can even turn into depression of a sort, when the perceived problem persist overtime. What supporters have to do in such a situation, is to stay hopeful. 

The belief should be that, their team will come out of the woods along the line. That’s the message I’m sending to readers and for that matter, Kotoko supporters out there. The team may not have found its rhythm yet but that offers no ground for despair. Soon, I don’t know when, but soon, the Porcupines will find their form and give us consistent victories to settle nerves, that have been upset from the latter stages of the first round of the league. 

Supporters shouldn’t accept negativity about the team. There are a lot of falsehood and lies being peddled in the media these days. We need not settle for any toxic talk, meant to create disaffection and to derail our focus. From Sunday evening till now – I mean Monday morning that I’m writing this article, I’m still yet to be convinced by any of the commentators on our match, as to why Kotoko didn’t deserve a penalty in the 67th minute. 

It’s confounding when the impression is created as if, Kotoko fans and their media can’t complain about bad penalties or cheating, yet, when so-called bad penalties are handed to Kotoko; the peace of the whole world must be disturbed. I fail to understand why and how some commentators get so hysterical if not panic-stricken when Kotoko win a penalty. 

They rant as if they’ve lost something precious or a treasure. Thankfully, when we score or eventually win matches with a penalty, they proceed to spew vile remarks with the intent of making our win unclean. Some of us are wide awake. We won’t fall any cheap talk or debate.

I will neither descend to that low-level attitude of comparing bad penalty decisions some clubs have benefited from this season, nor will I be tempted to even examine the good or the bad of the penalty Kotoko was awarded on Sunday. I will only encourage Kotoko supporters to remain hopeful that, what has been broken in our team will be fixed with time. It’s has to be fixed. 

The outcome of our matches, generally, have given room for gloom but we shouldn’t feel desolate. Whatever the problem is or has been, it will be solved. That’s my conviction. That’s what I believe. Lets’ just stay hopeful. It’s worth doing that. There’s strength in doing that. 

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