Former Assistant Coach Michael Osei.

If only Michael Osei had…

Jerome Otchere

Posted on: Tue Apr 18, 2017

Don’t tell me I want to stir controversy. Don’t say I want to rake old wounds. Just don’t argue that I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m only sharing an opinion as I’ve always done. I would start by saying that, I wasn’t the least surprised that Management on Sunday night parted ways with Croatian coach, Zdravko Logarusic. 

The signals were strong and the writing so clear on the wall. There was no element of surprise not because I had hints of the decision before it was made public but mainly because there was no way Zdravko Logarusic was going to proceed with the tension and animosity that was building up around the club. As our duty demands, we needed to encourage fans to be patient. We had to call for restraint no matter what. 

That was the wisest thing to do. No one was prepared to validate wrongdoing. If we were out there pounding Medeama officials and supporters for intimidation and acts that only bring the name and image of the game into disrepute like they did at Tarkwa last week, what moral authority did we have, to, for example, justify what happened at Adako Jachie on Thursday? 

Supporters have no business disrupting a team’s training session. Kotoko is a pressure cooker but pressure and emotions if not handled well lead to problems. It’s important we educate our fans that, anger or disagreements can be expressed well without creating tension. 

So fans wanted Zdravko out but then it was necessary to leave the decision to Management. I’m in no position to tell if the decision to part ways with Zdravko at this time is the best. For me, the interest of the club is what matters and if Management sees it as right, I can only support it. 

It’s interesting however to note that, certain media commentators who clamoured for the dismissal of the coach have suddenly turned back condemning Management’s decision. What happened to convictions? What happened to principles and the faith we have in them? It’s amazing how we can be so vociferous on a certain course and within a twinkle of an eye, we back track as if to say we were on a wrong course. It’s mind-boggling. 

Sometimes if you have nothing to say, you ought to be quiet. You have to leave everything to time. Talking about time and all that happened relative to Coach Michael Osei, I’m convinced that, this would have been the best time to have him. I remember telling my friend OB at Silver FM that, Michael Osei, after he was reassigned to the Youth Team needed to take up the task. 

For, reflecting deeply on life at Kotoko, I saw a greater likelihood that, Zdravko wasn’t going to end the season. OB didn’t disagree. I said that without any negative intent. I was only analysing events in the club on the basis of what I have seen in the last decade or more. 

It was based on my conviction that, Michael Osei needed to quietly go to the Youth Team because destiny was preparing him for the big task and that, once there was any major slip by Zdravko, he could be made to return to the senior team. I’m by no means saying that, Michael Osei isn’t cut for the job now. I can’t say that. 

On the evidence of reactions after he was moved to the Youth Team, I’m wondering how easy it would be to have him back. If only Michael Osei had been patient! If only he had swallowed some bitterness and allowed time to dictate the pace. His name would’ve been easily thrown into the waters of possible replacements for Zdravko even if Management wouldn’t hand him the job. 

I’m a firm believer of time. Time has a very interesting way of exposing our decisions and actions – rightly or wrongly – as a people. It’s the more reason I have no opinion on whether or not the decision to oust Zdravko Logarusic is a good or bad one. People have asked me. I have told them to leave it to time. Time, as always, would tell us all. Now, we have to move on.  

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