Coach Zdravko Logarusic.

Zdravko’s 3:5:2 formation

Jerome Otchere

Posted on: Wed Feb 15, 2017

Gauging media and supporters’ reaction to Coach Zdravko Logarusic’s so-called 3-5-2 tactical formation, one thing that has unmistakably been at play is our mastery of the act of questioning, criticising or indeed faulting practically everything we come across, usually even without seeing or understanding the very thing we are casting doubts over. 

I’ve to quickly point out that, it isn’t all of us in the media or in fact, every fan that does that. It’s only section of us that have that attitude. The truth however is that, we often get so loud with our cynicism that, it becomes difficult for us to accept an enlightened position, even after we’ve been educated on what we wrongly criticized; not because our minds are impervious to enlightenment, but because of the ill-formed, often entrenched position we take, which then becomes hard to edit because of the embarrassment associated with admitting wrongdoing. 

The foregoing is something no good observer of the Ghanaian media will miss if he observes us closely. This attitude has fully been at play since Croatian Coach Zdravko Logarusic started work on January 12. The coach, after analysing the player quality available to him, started playing the so-called 3-5-2 formation in trial matches at Adako Jachie and at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium. 

The results of the five trial matches he played were good. He won every game. For him, it was a fantastic chance to test not just the inherent quality of the players but then also assess their strengths and weaknesses. Being new on the hot seat, there was going to be virtually no room for him to experiment regardless of how unfortunate the situation looked like for him. 

He had been handed a job. He needed to execute that job to the best of his ability. He had to use the materials available to him by employing tried and tested methods to get results, which is what Management, supporters and the media would demand of him anytime. 

The questions and strong criticism of his choice for three defenders at the back were just amusing and some were so caustic that, you could mistake the Kotoko coach for some joke who didn’t know the task ahead of him. Now it’s been as if Kotoko have been so accustomed to the missionary position in football – the 4:4:2 so much that, an alteration of that is a taboo. 

The sad thing for me is that, some loyal fans have bought the idea that, the change in formation isn’t something helpful. Why do we have to do that? We say this even when we haven’t seen much? Why do we cast doubt over things anyhow? What has the 4:4:2 brought to the team and who said such tactical variations in football are forbidden? 

The 3:5:2 formation is nothing new. We’ve to encourage our players to adapt. As the coach hinted, the players have the flexibility to do that. “Ghanaian players are gifted. They’ve speed, skill, flexibility and all of those things – that’s the reason you’ve so many of them in Europe. 

“Why you don’t believe in Ghanaian players?” the coach asked while addressing journalists after Sunday’s 2-1 win over Liberty. “They are adaptable. They’ve the capacity to play what any coach wants. Now I’m playing three back. How are you going to react when I start playing two at the back?” Zdravko Logarusic asked. 

I’m not necessarily defending the coach because by the dictates of my job at the club, I must do that. I’m rather pointing out that, we ought to be open to change, positive change, while being hopeful of the outcome. 

While it’s essential to constructively criticise the coach, we should as supporters be ready to always support him and his players, and not make it look like, nothing good can come out of them because their tactical preferences differ from what we know and are comfortable with. 

Zdravko and his team have started well beating Liberty Professionals 2-1. The matches left are going to be more difficult than what was witnessed on Sunday. At this stage, all we can do for the team is throw our weight behind them and be convinced that they will excel.


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