The error was inadvertent.

The wrong publication

Jerome Otchere

Posted on: Tue Feb 14, 2017

I can’t start talking about the huge embarrassment the editorial team of Kotoko Express suffered last Friday, when eight pages (that’s half of the entire newspaper) didn’t appear, without first apologising whole-heartedly to our esteemed readers and Kotoko fans at large.

When we had sort to give readers and the general public the names and pictures of the 29 players registered for the 2016/17 season among other juicy information, what eventually came were stories published in September 2016. It was totally unintended. That unpardonable mistake was brought to my notice only after the product had left the printing press.

It was too late. Very little could be done to stop the newspaper from coming out. Indeed, the newspaper had actually been circulated to the various vendors late Monday evening and the early hours of Tuesday before I got wind of what I see as an unacceptable mistake.

I will neither apportion blame nor re-tell the whole story again. The important thing for me is that, immediately the mishap was brought to my notice around 5am of Tuesday, there was an editorial meeting after which we spoke to our printers who hadn’t seen what had happened. They were shocked! They simply couldn’t understand that unfortunate development.

They quickly did their checks and it was established that, a wrong folder was inexplicably picked for printing after all the necessary checks had been done to ensure that, what was meant for publication had been sent. While not justifying it, I want to call it one of the evils of printing.

Our officer at the printing press and the G-PAK personnel who supervised the work, all didn’t see that blunder. It’s difficult to understand. It’s even hard to believe but that’s the truth. Given their high sense of professionalism, their unquestionable understanding of the job and how well they’ve worked with us over the last 15 years, G-PAK accepted responsibility for the error.

That’s what good managers of an institution do. I thanked them for that and I still commend them for that show of professionalism. They readily agreed on a re-print; which was positive, but too late at that time looking at the circulation procedure. The editorial team after the G-PAK meeting issued an unqualified apology on our website,, to readers and the general public.

Today, we again say we’re extremely sorry for your spending of money on a product in expectation of something that wasn’t provided. We are deeply sorry. We hope to be forgiven. As compensation, we will give-out a supplement of a specially designed 2016/17 Premier League fixtures to every reader, either in this edition or the next issue.

From the numerous telephone calls, text messages and emails we received between Friday and Saturday on the botched publication, we fully know the seriousness with which you attach to Kotoko Express and as editor of the newspaper, I say, we can’t take you for granted! We are really sorry. We hope to be forgiven.

Our professional calling aside, Kotoko is a club we love from the bottom of our hearts. There’s no way we will supervise that objectionable work and push to our readers and supporters. Like our printers did without any equivocation, the editorial team also accepts responsibility fully.

We have been committed to serving you well in exchange for your unflinching loyalty and dedication to this great football institution. We can’t take you for a ride. We appreciate your interest and insistence on good work. We’re also thankful to our media colleagues especially on radio for the chance they gave us to reach you all with our explanations and sincere apology.

The human institution is susceptible to mistakes – sometimes of momentous proportions. That however is absolutely no excuse to make mistakes. Today, we come your way with Friday’s re-packaged information and the latest news and updates – hoping that, you will accept us back into your heart, take our apology and continue to stay with this season and beyond.

Kotoko is a club we all love. We will continue to serve the club professionally with the strength the almighty Lord gives us. That’s a pledge to you all. We thank you for your understanding. We look forward to good working relations.


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