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Felix Annan: The 12th man among the Eleven.

Posted on: Wed Jan 03, 2018 - Report by News Team

There is often much talk in football about the 12th man. Whether it's in reference to fans singing their hearts out in the stands to create a domineering influence, a referee's perceived bias towards a team or a rogue beach ball that bounces onto the pitch, it is often said that this 12th man gives you the edge over your opponent. But isn't it a strange thing to ascribe to nothing and no extra person than a member of a set of eleven players on the pitch?

Well, that's exactly the case at Asante Kotoko SC. There's often a 12th man and it's just as often been that enterprising and safest pair of hands, Felix Annan.

He cozies up to in this enthralling interview where he opens up on the season as he saw it from the team's rear, his performance, life in Kotoko and his former club, WAFA. Read more in the Q & A below:

Q: What's your general assessment of the team after placing 5th in the league and winning the FA Cup?

A: I will mark our performance between 60% to 70% because we were not consistent in our game throughout the season . We started very well but later had to readjust to changes in the technical department. Took us a while to find our rhythm but that didn't last either due to the unfortunate accident on July 12. I will say our season wasn't bad but we could have done better of course. Hopefully, we will bounce back stronger next season.

Q: Tell us about your early days in Kotoko. Been worth it?

A: I was very young when I joined Kotoko from WAFA and I had to understudy and learn a lot from the late Soulama Abdoulaye (May his soul rest in peace) and Amoako. I had to go back to WAFA on loan at some point and that's what really changed the whole picture for me because then when I was reverting to Kotoko, WAFA had already ushered me into the league with a lot more experience under my belt and though I met great keepers on my return, I challenged myself to work hard to earn a look in if I was to avoid another loan move to somewhere else. That with God's help ensured I got through and I haven't looked back.

Q: Which team gave you the toughest match?

A: Well playing for Kotoko also means every game is a big one but I will put our trips away to Aduana Stars and Ebusua Dwarfs as the toughest. These are matches in which we showed a lot of mental fortitude, strength and character and we got decent results from there.

Q: Which was your best game this season?

A: Wheeew! Again I will say our match against Ebusua Dwarf in Kumasi. It was a goalless draw but I really kept the team in the match I must admit (laughs) because we didn't really play well.

Q: You are one of the goalkeepers with very good distribution. Your kicks (Long Passes) are pretty highly accurate. How did you learn that?

A: Yes I guess everyone has that unique quality up their sleeves and I think that's what God granted me. Of course, it's something I've had to polish and perfect even from my days at WAFA. I am a learner too. I don't quite see myself there yet so I keep working harder and trying different things to improve.

Q: What convinced you to join Kotoko at that young age?

A: I saw it as a big challenge. Kotoko being the biggest club and me being confident in my ability to prove myself, I took the chance to open the biggest chapter in my career. That was my motivation.

Q: That mistake in the Ghana @60 match against Hearts of Oak. How did that leave you? (Laughs)

A: (Laughs) It wasn't really easy especially in a game like that. Before that match, I had had a lot of good games in the league and that often gets people's confidence soaring in you as a player so the fans disappointments were in order. It was unfortunate it happened but mistakes are a part of life and I had to quickly brush that off and get better for the same fans. I worked hard to win back supporters love again and I did it perfectly with the help of my teammates, the technical staff and management who all showed a great support. Life has it's ups and downs and if you want to succeed, you don't stop working hard when you fall, you have rise and press on.

Q: What motivates you in life?

A: God and believing in myself so much that I can always do a thing.

Q: Some say you are overconfident sometimes. Is that how you'd call it?

A: Well, I'm someone who's always composed and relaxed. I work hard to gain that but sometimes that comes across to others as over confidence if there is even a thing as that (laughs). I simply have self-belief as my greatest weapon.

Q: Do you get bothered by your size as a goalkeeper?

A: Actually, it does come to mind occasionally when I started by not so much these days. I mean I can't quite do anything about it now can I? (Laughs). That's how God wanted me. It's impacted less on my abilities though it's come in my way to landing a deal in Europe but that notwithstanding, I think when the time is due for that kind of move, abilities will overshadow stature.

Q: What is your best food?

A: I like Jollof rice with chicken. Ghana Jollof, of course, is the best.

Q: What do you at your leisure time?

A: I actually read a lot during my free time. I listen to music and get behind the PlayStation a little too.

Q: Who's your best friend in Kotoko?

A: Oh! Everybody in Kotoko knows this (laughs). Eric Donkor is. We're not even friends as we've grown into becoming more than brothers.

Q: You seem very religious. Christian?

A: Yes, I am a Christian. A very passionate one and I worship at Great County Chapel.

Q: A bit about your family. Who are your parents and how many siblings have you?

A: Madame Dora Adjaglo-Warke and Mr. Joseph Annan are my parents. Fortunately for me they are both alive. There are three boys as children and I'm the last one.

Q: Had you missed a career playing football, what could you have possibly become?

A: (Laughs) I wanted to become IT person. I found it a very attractive job but here am I.  

Q: How old are you and who's your mentor?

A: I'm 23 years old now and Edwin Van Der Sar is one I look up to. He had the complete package in qualities as a goalkeeper and I do watch his videos a lot.

As a player, personal glories are almost always tied to your club's successes and that's what I look forward to; winning more trophies for the club for the club so I get my name in there in the annals of the club's history someday in future. I want to be remembered in the history of Asante Kotoko SC.

Q: Any message(s) to your fans?

A: Absolutely. I love them and they should keep on supporting me and that means supporting Asante Kotoko SC.; Calls for Patience.

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